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What is ReactJs and why ReactJs

In earlier days we used to modify Dom using javascript or Jquery . It just doesn’t feel good enough to modify document’s elements by hand. It is also difficult to re-use already written parts of UI and compose them with each other. It is also really hard to update the view part form DOM using Jquery The solution is ReactJs we can modify the View using virtual Dom in reactjs more info click here

Environment setup of ReactJS

In the previous article i shared the information about the what is react js and why Reactjs if you not readed please read if first then read this article then how you can understand the importance of the ReactJs

Basics Of React Js

What is Component ? Developing a react app is all about components . An single React component is UI component in APP . Basically we divide the app into two components those are parent and child .

What is JSX ?

JSX is Just like XML, JSX tags have a tag name, attributes, and children. If an attribute value is enclosed in quotes, the value is a string. Otherwise, wrap the value in braces and the value is the enclosed JavaScript expression. The react component finally render html which is displayed in the browser As such, the render() method of a component needs to describe how the view should be represented as HTML. React builds our apps with virtual of the Document Object Model (DOM). React calls this the virtual DOM. Without getting deep into details for now, React allows us to describe a component’s HTML representation in JavaScript.

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